Wildfre Brand Identity

Entering the rebrand, it was important to keep Wildfire's flame icon recognizable but give it a tune up and a more grown up treatment. The new mark was paired with new, distinctive type to make the whole brand feel a bit more sophisticated.
Role: Concept and Design

Wildfire Brand Identity Info

Kumquat Cupcakery Caramel Sauce Packaging

Packaging for local Brooklyn baker, Kumquat Cupcakery's Caramel Sauces.
Role: Concept, Direction and Design

Kumquat Cupcakery Caramel Sauce Packaging Info

The GE Show

The GE show helps further understanding around the complex technologies that change our daily lives through mediums such as video, data visualization and games.
Role: Design

The GE Show Info

Zozi Brand Identity

Adventure travel company Zozi was ready for a rebrand. This direction created a system for each of the different types of experiences that Zozi offered. The last two images show the proposed new branding system worked in to the structure of Zozi's brand pages.
Role: Concept and Design

Zozi Brand Identity Info

Evernote Product Collages

Collages for Evernote's product landing pages providing a quick visual of the features and capabilities of each app.
Role: Design

Evernote Info

Kumquat Cupcakery Holiday Card

Holiday card for Kumquat Cupcakery. Spirograph-like snowflakes were created using the shape of the Kumquat logo.
Role: Concept, Direction and Design

Kumquat Cupcakery Holiday Card Info

Trident Save the Smile Campaign

Proposed branding for a campaign surrounding Trident's partnership with the Smiles Across America, a charity dedicated to providing dental care for kids. Save the Smile was an idea for a movement about getting people to smile more and in the process also helping kids in need of dental work get the care they needed, saving their smiles.
Role: Concept and Design

Trident Save the Smile Campaign Info


Yummly is the world's largest and most powerful recipe search site. Bringing together recipes from all over the web, users create profiles where they can collect and share their favorite recipes, discover new recipes based on their taste preferences, and see what their friends are cooking.
Role: Concept, Design, and Direction

Yummly Info

Points of Departure

Points of Departure is a module within Episode 6 of the GE Show, Future Flight. It pulls in geotagged Flickr images and overlays them on top of GoogleMaps satellite images of the airports where they were taken. We curated lists of airports to browse, from busiest to most scenic landing.
Role: Design

Points of Departure Info

Firefox: Your Internet Things

Design direction for Firefox's Your Internet Things which later became known as Webify Me. After answering a series of questions about themselves, users are presented with a personalized collage of the objects that best reflect their internet personas.
Role: Design

Firefox: Your Internet Things Info